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Justin Bieber Jack Off Vid
Phenom Justin Bieber Strokes It just live everyone else, except not everyone likes to do it on film. Once the Biebs came of age, he gets off on posting nude and semi-nude pics of himself everywhere he can.
Wentworth Miller Gay!
Wentworth miller gay
Prison Break's Wentworth Miller broke his silence and confirmed he's gay, and refused to attend a film festival in Russia. All those years in prison finally turned him. Top or bottom? Log into to see our Wentworth Miller archive of pics and videos.
WWE Wrestler Comes Out!
WWE Superstar Darren Young makes history telling a TMZ photog "I'm a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay. And I'm happy. I'm very happy." We'd wrestle with him any day.
Joe Jonas Fever
Joe Jonas is typically known as "the hot one" and judging from his half-naked pics, the masses are correct. Brothers Nick and Kevin and cute, but Joe has that swarthy, sexy thing the others can't touch. Look inside for the selfies of Joe!
Taylor Kitsch Naked
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Taylor Kitsch got our juices pumping in Friday Night Lights and lately he's showing up on the big screen in X-Men, John Carter, Savages and Lone Survivor. Taylor's done some nude scenes before and this pic is just enough of a cock teast to leave us wanting more of the hot, young Canadian.
Joseph Gordon Levitt
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Joseph Gordon Levitt showed SNL audiences he would have fit perfectly in Magic Mike.
Hollywood's Young Male Stars
Mark Paul Gosselaar Naked

Liam Hemsworth Naked

Taylor Lautner Shirtless
Hollywood's young male celebs are hotter than ever these days, and they know it. From Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner to Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Gosselaar, today's young male stars have ripped bodies and aren't shy about getting naked on the screen or even Twitter and Instagram. See our full collection inside.
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Gay Male Celebrities
Matt Bomer Nude

Matt Bomer Gay Boyfriend
Zachary Quinto Gay and naked
Anderson Cooper Gay
Omarion Gay

Closet doors are flying open everywhere as gay male celebrities come clean about their sexuality. Celebs like Matt Bomer, Omarion, Anderson Copper, Ricky Martin and Zachary Quinto are just a few recent additions to our Gay Male Celebrities archive and we've got pictures and videos you won't believe. Sign up now for full access to our ever-growing collection of gay male celebrities and so much more.
Male Celeb Nude Selfies
Josh Hutcherson SelfieJustin Bieber Selfie Soulja Boy Selfie
Harry Styles  SelfieBow Wow SelfieNick Jonas Selfie
Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Facebook and given today's hot young male celebrities a perfect platform to whip out their iPhones and cocks and snap what's become known as the "Selfie." They love to take them, and we love to see them. We've got a ton of male celeb selfies inside so come take a look.
Daniel Radcliffe Exposes His Hairy Dick
He's a young man now and Daniel Radcliffe is as popular as ever. He must be pretty comfortable with his body to be showing his hairy dick to the world like that. We know that we are very comfortable with his naked body.
Male Celeb Nude Selfies
Mike Edward Nude SpartacusJames Purefoy Naked in RomeDesmond Harrington in Dexter Nude
Zach McGowan Shameless NakedJeffrey Dean Morgan Magic City Game of Thrones Nude
Showtime, HBO, Starz and other cable networks continually draw in the ratings by covincing actors to do full frontal nude and hardcore sex scenes. Withouth cable, we' miss out on seeing some of our favorite actors totally naked.
Jamie Foxx And His Big Black Cock
Jamie Foxx has a huge black cock and now we all know it. He mentioned it a few times in his early career, but who doesn't. After these pics emerged onto the Internet, the truth really came out.
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Skarsgard Full Frontal
alexander skarsgard full frontal
Playing True Blood's vampire Eric Northman was Swede Alexander Skarsgard's breakout role, and his numerous full-frontal nude scenes made him a the object of many a man and woman's lust. Skarsgard's got a killer body and you can find it in just about every role he takes on. Good news, he's got 4 movies scheduled for release in 2013!
Guess the Cock
alexander skarsgard full frontal
Black Male Stars
black male celebs
They are some of the most popular 'Rappers' around right now and they love taking sexy pics of themselves. We have thousands of nude black male celebrities in our members area as well. .
Bradley Cooper Naked
If you think you see Bradley Cooper everywhere lately, you're right. IMDB lists the once sexiest man alive in 10 movies in 2012 / 2013. We're fine with that, because we just can't get enough of him.
Nelly Naked
Nelly has worked hard for that ripped body of his and he likes to show it off whenever he can. Some lucky asshole got to blow... out the candles.
Rapper Bow Wow will always have a back up career as a stunt cock if the music thing doesn't work out. Who knew?